Mandarmani, Digha – 140 kms from Kolkata


Off late, in the map of West Bengal tourism, Mandarmani has emerged as a prominent weekend holiday destination, attracting tourists, who are seeking for an escape from the crowded cities. Serenity is the very essence of the beach of Mandarmani, offering ultimate seclusion that is very rare in other beaches around Kolkata. Moreover, the resorts of Mandermani are very well equipped to serve the guests and are decked with all modern amenities. The beach is clean and wide here and the sea is just idle for a dip. You can also visit nearby beach destinations like Tajpur, Digha, Shankarpur, Talsharee, Udaypore and Junput from Mandermuni. BOOKING DETAILS OF MANDARMUNI

Places to see at Mandarmoni: You can always rent a car to take you to the sea mouth, driving all along the beach, which is truly an unforgettable experience. The golden beach and the gentle sea are the main attractions in Mandermuni but not to mention the beautiful resorts lining all along the beach and the millions of harmless red-crabs peeping out of their holes in the beach.

Nearby attractions at Mandarmani: Tajpur is a nearby destination, which is visited by many tourists coming to Mandarmoni. The patches of lush green forest surrounding the sea shore is the main attraction of Tajpur. The other nearby attractions include the beautiful Udaipur beach and Talsharee where River Subarnarekha meets the sea.

Photos of Mandarmani

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You can also visit the busy beach town of Digha and the somewhat sleepy beach of Shankarpur. The much less-talked about destination is the Junput beach near Kanthi (Contai) which seems an endless stretch of clay beach and the sea is nearly a mile away.

Mandarmuni beach

Things to do at Mandarmuni: Wake up early to savor the spectacular sunrise from the beach.  The sunset over Mandarmani sea beach is also a visual treat. The sea at Mandarmoni is clean and not very rough and it is great for a dip. However, the best part of staying at Mandarmuni are the luxurious resorts where you can soak all the sun and enjoy great food. Mandarmuni is a true family weekend spot.

How to reach Mandarmoni: Drive along the route heading to Digha. After reaching the Kanthi (Contai) crossing, drive for another 11 kms to reach the Chaulkhola bus stop. Turn left and drive for another few kilometers to reach Mandarmoni. You can also opt for the train route from Howrah and reach the Kanthi station. Trekkers and rented cars are available from the station, heading to Mandarmoni.

Mandarmani sunset

Best time to visit Mandarmoni: Mandarmoni attracts tourists all through the year. If you are not a rough sea lover avoid full-moon nights, as the sea beach is not available and goes under the water few times a day. Mandermuni is great during the monsoons when the sky is filled with rolling dark clouds  and the rain is visible from the distant horizon. Winters are also great at Mandarmani.

Lodging & Dining facilities at Mandarmani: You can find the best beachfront resorts of Eastern India located in Mandarmoni. Presently, Mandermuni has hotels in all budgets. There are luxurious star-category type hotels with swimming pools, lush lawns, landscaped gardens, children’s park and a whole lot of facilities.  You would also find budget-friendly cozy cottage type accommodation on the beachfront with gazebos and gardens all along the beach.

Mandarmani luxury hotel

LUXURY HOTEL IN MANDARMANI: You would find all facilities in this hotel to enjoy a dream holiday in Mandarmani. Swimming pools, children’s park, lush gardens, pool tables, conference room, parking lot and whole lot of facilities.  Extra spacious AC rooms with side tables and LCD Televisions, wardrobes, 24-hr power supply, bathrooms with bathtubs and all other luxuries make this newly-built spic and span hotel just the best resort for guests who want to spend a complete luxury holiday.




Mandarmani Comfort Hotel

Mandarmani Comfort Hotel

COMFORT HOTEL IN MANDARMANI: If you have a moderate budget and love to spend your weekend in a hotel at Mandarmuni just on the beach with lawns, children’s park and all modern room facilities like bathtubs in bathrooms, 24-hr power supply, AC and non AC rooms with views and televisions then this hotel is a great option. You have gazebos on the lawn and in the night the entire hotel is lit up with decorations. This hotel is right on the beach and you can take a walk till late evenings. Sunsets and sunrises can be enjoyed from the hotel’s balcony only.



Mandarmani budget hotel

BUDGET HOTEL IN MANDARMANI: Cozy Double Bed and Triple bed AC and non AC cottages, right on the beach with a lawn for your kids to play around. Facilities like 24-hr power supply, dining hall, room service, parking area, televisions and attached western baths make this hotel a most preferred budget-friendly option in Mandarmani.  There is also a Dormitory suitable for larger groups in this hotel.

Photographs by Debkinkar Baidya, Anindya Karmakar, Abhijit Chowdhury, Dipanjan Mitra.


4 Responses to “Mandarmani, Digha – 140 kms from Kolkata”

  1. Gurpreet Kaur says:

    Hey Everyone, Thanks for such a lovely website on weekend trips from Kolkata. Actually, I always thought Kolkata starved weekend destinations but now it seems there are a whole lot of places to unwind at weekends near Kolkata. You guys did a great job. Keep the new destinations coming.
    Cheers… Gurpreet

  2. Aparna Mukherjee says:

    I was in Mandarmuni last month. There are a few practical tips on Mandarmuni I wanted to share, which everyone wanting to visit Mandarmuni must know. First, most of the hotels here have their own generators to produce electricity so the diesel generators run whole day, second – the hotels located on the beach can only be reached by driving over the beach so you cannot reach your hotel when there is high tide, you have to wait for hours for the tide to recede so that you can reach your hotel. Third, there are too many hotels in all budgets and ranges and lastly it’s really crowded in weekends and the food prices in Mandar muni are quite high…
    But, overall it’s a good place to visit in the weekends.

  3. Debashish says:

    Thank you for this wonderful website.
    I had the foll question for my upcoming Mandarmoni visit.
    -Suppose I go by train and get down at Digha station. How do I reach Mandarmoni from there?

    Please help.

    • Dear Debashish, Private trekkers are available from the entrance of the Digha station to Mandarmuni. Please bargain. You can also come down to Ramnagar (which takes around 20 mins) by shared trekkers from Old Digha and then catch a motorized cycle van, trekker or a local mini bus to Mandarmuni. From Old Digha, you can catch a bus to Chaulkhola and from Chaulkhola you would get cycle rickshaw vans to take you to Mandarmani. Buses and trekkers are frequent.