Ayodhya Hills, Purulia – 250 kms from Kolkata

ayodhya hills

Ayodhya hills

The beautiful Ayodhya Hills is a part of the Dalma Mountain range. It is situated on the boundary of Purulia district and Jharkhand. The place can be reached by car from Purulia and Birbhum stations. A visit to beautiful waterfalls, deep forests, tribal villages, Gorshabru and Mayur hill are sure to captivate your senses. The presence of a variety of wild animals in the forests makes this place more adventurous. BOOK YOUR TRIP TO AYODHYA HILLS

Places to see near Ayodhya Hills: Gorshabru, the highest peak of the Ayodhya Hills is situated at a magnificent 2850 feet. There are various deep forests and numerous waterfalls located amidst the hill. Several tribal villages are also situated on the hill.

Nearby attractions: A trip to the Mayur hill will provide a spectacular view of the Ayodhya Hills, just like it has been portrayed on a canvas.

Things to do at Ayodhya Hills: You can either visit the numerous waterfalls, deep forests, tribal villages or can explore the beauty of the hill by taking a walk around it. You can also expect a glimpse of the wild animals residing in the forests of the hill such as elephants, wolves, wild pigs, deer, peacocks, cheetahs and numerous kinds of birds. While on a trip to forests, it is advisable to opt for a forest guide.

How to reach Ayodhya Hills: The best way to reach Ayodhya Hills is by train. From Kolkata, a train called Rupashi Bangla is available in the morning that reaches Purulia in 6 hours. From there, you can hire a car to reach Ayodhya Hills, via Sirkabad. The distance is 40 kilometers. Alternatively, you can get off at Birbhum Station and reach the hill via Chhatatar and Baghmundi Bazar. This route is advisable for those tourists who want to do shopping or avail the local transport.

Best time to visit Ayodhya Hills: The months between September and March are considered to be the best time to visit Ayodhya Hills. During this period, the place provides ideal setting for camps.

Lodging facilities at Ayodhya Hills: A number of budget hotels, standard hotels and rest houses are available in this place. Some hotels also provide forest guides and organize trekking tours.

Dining: Dining facilities are provided by majority of the hotels, located in Ayodhya Hills.


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