Garhpanchakot, Purulia – 256 kms from Kolkata

Garpanchakot | Courtesy: Somnath K.

Nestled amidst breathtaking natural splendor of woodland and hills, Garpanchakat (Garpanchakot) has emerged as an ideal tourist location, for enjoying a perfect weekend holiday. Location is the very essence of this tourist hotspot, which is easily accessible by tourists, both by car and rail. Moreover, the location is well equipped with all modern facilities. BOOKING DETAILS OF GARPANCHAKOT

Places to see at Garpanchakot: Garpanchakat features a number of sites having historical values. You can visit the remains of ancient palaces of kings, who used to rule the region. The site also houses the Temple of Pancharatna, the very name from which the name of the place has been derived. Lake of Murarodi also offers some spectacular views of the surrounding.


Ruins of the Temple, Garhpanchokot

Nearby attractions from Garpanchakat: The biggest nearby attraction from Garpanchakat is the Panchet Dam which is some 5 kms from the place. Panchet Dam offers great opportunities for bird watching.


Things to do at Garpanchakat: If you are not much of an outdoor person, spend your day just sitting in the forest bungalows, savoring the natural scenic beauty of the surrounding. You can also go for bird-watching at the Panchet Dam.

How to reach Garpanchakot: If you are travelling by train, get down at the stations of Barakor or Asansol and take a trekker to cover an hour long path to reach Garpanchakat. You can also take the car route by driving along the National Highway 2. After crossing Asansol, turn left and take the road leading to Raghunathpur. After reaching the Satbari stop, your destination is few kilometers away by the village path.

Around Garpanchakot

Best time to visit Garpanchakat: You can visit the place during any time of the year. However, rainy season makes is lush green.

Lodging and dining facilities at Garpanchakat: Garpanchakat has accommodation developed by West Bengal Tourism and some private accommodations too. It also has provision for adventure camping accommodation in tents.

Photographs by Somnath Khaskel.


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