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Mankhim is the hilltop adjacent to the popular destination of Aritar, in the village of Dalapchand under the Rongli Sub-Division of Eastern Sikkim.  Mankhim offers a panoramic view of Mt. Kanchenjungha and the emerald green “boot-shaped” Lampokhri Lake at the same time – this incredible view is not available from Aritar. In Mankhim, there is a small temple on the hilltop, a few homestays and a monastery, just a walk away. If you want to spend some days in complete isolation from the city’s din with fabulous views of Mt. Kanchanjungha, then Mankhim is a great choice. Bird watching, paddle boating and nature walking are other great activities here. You can tag in Reshikhola, Sillery Gaon, Pedong or Kalimpong with Mankhim. You can also take a day-trip to Kupup lake, Zuluk and the world’s highest golf course from Mangkhim. BOOKING DETAILS OF MANKHIM

Places to see in Mankhim: Mankhim is a hilltop near the popular destination of Aritar, which is famous for its Lampokhari Lake. This vast human foot shaped lake is flanked by emerald green forest of Pine and Fir. The lake is ideal to enjoy paddle boating. There is also a Lodge and cafeteria beside the lake. The Changey waterfall boasting a height of 50 meters is located near Mankhim.

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You can also visit the nearby Aritar Monastery, which houses some remarkable painted murals, rare manuscripts and Buddhist artifacts. The Dak Bungalow popularly called Ari-Bangla is an age-old British bungalow, built under the supervision of James Claude White in 1895.

View from Mankhim

View from Mankhim

The little temple of Mankhim, belonging to the Rai cult of Hindu origin at Maity Village overlooks the Lampokhri and the mighty Mt. Kanchenjungha. The viewpoint near the temple offers a panoramic view of the mighty Mt. Kanchenjungha and its allies, Aritar town, rolling hills and the silk route upto Zuluk. You can also visit the Ever Green Nursery and Ram Gauri Sangrhalaya, which is a nursery and museum, displaying some nice collection of drift wood, botanical and some exotic varieties of flowers.


Kupup Lake

Bitang Cho Lake, Kupup

Nearby attractions of Mankhim: You can visit nearby Reshikhola, Sillery Gaon and Pedong in West Bengal from Mankhim. You can also visit the famous Ramitey View point for viewing the 14 turns of River Teesta with Mt. Kanchenjungha in the background. Some other nearby attractions are Kupup Lake (Bitang Cho Lake), world’s highest golf course and Zuluk in East Sikkim. If you are in the mood of little trekking, then try the Mulkarkha Lake trek. Mulkarkha Lake is famous for holding the reflection of Mt. Kanchenjungha on its waters. You can also visit the ruins of historic Damsang Fort and the famous Cross Hill.

Nature walk from Mankhim to Lampokhri

Nature walking in Mankhim

Things to do in Mankhim: There is a long jungle path acroos the hills covering may view points from Makhim to Lampokhri. You can take a nature walk along this path to Lampokhri Lake from  You can organize picnics at the popular picnic spot called Love Dara, located near Mankhim. The place is also ideal for the avid bird watchers. You can also enjoy boating in the Lampokhari Lake, trekking and rock climbing to nearby hilltops and nature walking.


Lampokhri Lake in Aritar

Lampokhri Lake in Aritar

How to reach Mankhim: You can also hire vehicles from Siliguri and reach Aritar in 5 hours. the route is Teesta Bazar – Kalimpong – Algarah – Pedong – Reshikhola – Rhenock – Aritar – Mankhim. If you are coming from any destination in Sikkim, you have to come via Rangpo – Rorathang – Reshikhola – Rhenock – Aritar – Mankhim. Many tourists also hire vehicles and make tour to Aritar and Mankhim from Gangtok in roughly 3 hours.

Best time to visit Mangkhim: You can visit Mangkhim any time of the year. The winters are best for viewing the sunrise over Mt. Kanchenjungha and the summers are best for beating the heat of the plains.


Accommodation at Mankhim

Accommodation at Mankhim

Lodging and dining facilities in Mankhim: There are few homestays in Mankhim offering lodging and dining facilities. Few cottages offering nice, clean, basic facilities overlooking the rift, Lampokhri Lake and the entire Mt. Kanchenjungha range are available here.  There is also glasshouse-type cottage with an incredible view of Mt. Kanchenjungha from bed just on the edge of the ridge. Food is basic in nature but fresh and authentic. You can enjoy a whole lot of momos during your stay at Mankhim.


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