View from Tinchuley

Tinchuley was a distant hamlet in the wilderness. It is one of the hidden treasures of Darjeeling region. Three ovens or Chullas is the meaning of the word Tinchuley. It was an initiative of the inhabitants of Tinchuley to convert their rural village into self-sustained eco-urban village. The organizations like WWF (World Wildlife Federation) contributed to the development of floriculture projects, forest nursery, and by-compost and vermin-compost manure projects. There are numerous viewpoints in Tinchule like the Gumbadara View point, which gives extraordinary views of River Teesta. The Tinchule View point gives nearly a 180 degree view of the entire range of Eastern Himalayas with the majestic Mt. Kanchenjungha ruling the sky. You can also view towns like Gangtok, Kalimpong and Darjeeling from these view points.    BOOKING DETAILS OF TINCHULEY

Places to see at Tinchuley: Tinchuley has several attractions in store for its tourists. Among them Tinchuley Monastery, Tinchuley Sunrise Point, Durpin Dara, the Tista River, the Rangit River, Lamahatta Nature Park and Gombu Dara View Point deserve to be mentioned. A local youth club provides tourists with trails, treks, transport and tours.

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Gumpha Dara Rocks in Tinchuley have emerged from the deep of underground. A long fern-covered trail through the dark and deep forest leads to these rocks. The rocks stand amidst picturesque and panoramic landscape. Gumpha Dara rocks feature the magnificence of Indian art and culture during the British Raj. Several caves lie hidden beneath the rocks. The interior of the caves is an impenetrable mystery. These rocks are historically important as it recalls a 200-year-old legend. A group of lamas with their Geylings and Jhamtas ran from the dead hand of their enemies and took shelter there. The British army would train its soldiers on the Gumpha Dara rocks.

View from Tinchuley

View from Tinchuley

The breathtaking and awe-inspiring voyage to the Tista River is an obsession with the tourists. Especially the Lovers’ Meet point where the Rangit meets the Tista is an irresistible attraction of Tinchuley. It is a good chance to have a look of Sikkim standing on the bank of the Tista. The forbidding mountain peaks Everest and Kanchenjunga loom at a distance from the Teesta.

Nearby Attractions at Tinchuley: A magnificent sight of Kalimpong in the distance, the winding way of the Tista River, the towering peak of Mt. Kanchenjunga and numerous walks through winding paths across villages and forests. You can also visit a local monastery. Darjeeling is nearby and so are the numerous Tea Estates like Runglee Rungliot, Gielle and others. The Lamahatta Nature Park, Takdah Nursery, Takdah Cantonment area and even Darjeeling and Ghoom are also nearby and can be explored in day trips.

Things to do at Teenchuley: While in Tinchuley you can take Nature walks within the Pine Forests, take short treks to view points and enjoy bird watching.

How to reach Teenchuley: The small village of Tinchuley is located above the old cantonment area of Takdah. It is within your reach from Darjeeling and Kalimpong. Darjeeling distances 32 kilometers and Kalimpong distances 43 kilometers from Tinchuley.

Best time to visit Tinchuley: You can visit Tinchuley anytime of the year. The winters will offer great views of the snowy mountains, whereas the monsoons would offer breathtaking views of lush tea gardens and forests.

Lodging & Dining facilities at Tinchuley: 

We have three accommodation options in Teenchuley – a heritage guesthouse, a village resort and a home stay. All the accommodation options provide the necessary facilities for a comfortable stay with a touch of local culture.

Tincluley Resort

Tincluley Resort

The Tinchulay Village Resort: Located on the outskirts of Tinchuley under the shadows of the Pine Forest, this Village Resort with two beautiful cottages, a manicured lawn and a garden overlook the lush rolling Himalayan foothills. There are Doubled Bedded Cottages, Four bedded cottages and a Five Bedded room in this village resort. Facilities like attached Western Bathrooms, Hot Water Geysers and Dining Hall would make your stay an exciting one. Food served in essentially Indian cuisine and is fresh and served hot.



Tincluley Home stay

Tincluley Homestay

The Tinchulay Home stay: Located on the roadside, our home stay has four bedded rooms and double bedded rooms with views of snowy mountains from its balcony. The rooms of this home stay are equipped with attached Western Bathrooms, hot water geysers and comfy beds. There is also a Dining area where essentially home-cooked Indian food is served to the guests.





Accommodation in Tinchuley

Heritage Guesthouse

The Heritage Guesthouse: With wood – paneled Four-Bedded rooms, Double Bedded rooms, Cottages and Deluxe rooms this guesthouse in Tinchuley offers great views of the mountain valleys, forests and hill slopes. Facilities like attached Western Bathrooms, Hot Water Geysers, Dining Hall and manicured gardens would make your stay an exciting one. Food served in essentially Indian but continental cuisine can also be arranged.




Photographs by Anindita, Sudip Dutta, P Ghosh, Abhi, Tonmoy and others



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