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Hangseshwari Temple

Hangseshwari Temple, Bansberia

Banshberia or Bansberia is small town that is situated between Tribeni and Bandel, in the Hooghly district of West Bengal. It is located at the Kalyani Bridge’s western end lies on the Bandel-Katwa branch rail line. Banshberia falls under Mogra and Chinsurah police stations in Chinsurah division. BOOK YOUR TRIP TO BANSBERIA

Present Bansberia was one of the main villages of ancient Saptagram and was once the commercial complex and main port of that area. The existence of the place dates back to the period of Shah Jahan. An area including Bansberia was part of the Mughal Empire and the Zamindar was Raghab Dattaroy of Patuli. The place derived its name from the legend that a fort was built by Raghab’s son after clearing a bamboo grove.

Bansberia | Courtesy: Avik Chatterjee

Places to see at Bansberia: The tourist attractions of Banshberia are the Hangeshwari and Ananta Vasudeva temples comprising intricate terracotta works. The five-storied Hangseshwari temple is built in a unique architectural style, comprising thirteen lotus bud-shaped minars and inner layout following human anatomy. The temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali. The construction of the temple was started by Raja Nrisinhadeb Roy Mahasay and was completed by his wife, Rani Sankari in 1814.

The Ananta Vasudeva temple was built in the traditional ‘ekaratna’ style with an octagonal tower, triple arched entrance and curved cornices. The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is famous for the terracotta works on the walls of the temple that depicts love, war scenes, gods and glimpses of everyday life. It is situated in the temple complex of Hangeshwari temple and was built in 1649 by Raja Rameshwar Datta, an ardent follower of Vaishnavism. Its decorative scheme is similar to that of the terracotta temples, situated in Bishnupur.

Bansberia | Courtesy: Avik Chatterjee

The ruins of Dattaroy Palace are situated next to the temple and all that remain of the structure are the broken walls and fragments of arches.

Nearby attractions of Banshberia: You can wander along the Hooghly to Ishwar Gupta Bridge or visit Bandel that is situated at a distance of four kilometers and offers a number of tourist attractions.

Things to do in Banshberia: You can visit the temple and admire the beautiful terracotta pieces of art.

How to reach Bansberia: You can reach Bansberia by availing trains that run on the Howrah-Katwa rail line. Trains also ply on the Sealdah-Katwa rail line. From the station, you can avail cycle-rickshaws in order to reach the temple complex. You can take NH 2 to reach Banshberia by road from Kolkata.

Best time to visit Banshberia: Any time of the year but rainy season is not preferable.

Lodging & Dining facilities at Banshberia: There are no such lodging facilities or hotels in Banshberia but there are cheap accommodation options in nearby Bandel. However, Banshberia is ideal for day trips. A number of eateries are situated near the complex of the temple that serves local Bengali cuisine at reasonable prices.


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