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Dashgara | Courtesy: Asis k Chatterjee

Dasghara is an ideal destination for the tourists having true interest in history because this small village near Tarakeshwar treasures some remarkable terracotta temples and architectures. This quaint village is situated 12 km north of Tarakeswar, famously known as the temple town. The history of Dasghara can be traced back to the early phase of the 18th century. The place will definitely offer you a rare experience. BOOK YOUR TRIP TO DASGHARA

Places to see in Dasghara: Though most of the sites in Dasghara only house the ruins of the historical structures, still nothing could diminish the attraction of the place. The central attraction of the tourists visiting Dasghara is a temple built in the Mughal era, admired with decorative terracotta work. The village is also adorned with a picturesque colonial garden, the beauty of which is enhanced by the marble statues admiring the site. You could also locate the second largest Rath of Hooghly in this village.

The oldest construction of the village is the Gopinath Temple, built by a local zamindar called Sadananda Biswas. The temple features five spires and some of its significant terracotta panels are still in good condition. The panel features some notable scenes from the Ramayana, a grand court, performances of the musicians and glimpses of regular life. It is said that this masterpiece is one of its kind in whole of West Bengal. The temple premises also features an octagonal shaped Rasmancha, admired with nine spires, narrow pillars and a square shaped Dolmancha.

You will also find an age-old Durga Dalan and the house of the Biswas family within a short distance from the temple, which only carry a slight hint of its early glory. Apart from the architectural attractions built by the Biswas family, Dasghara also treasures a clock tower and an arched gateway. These two masterpieces were built by Bipin Krishna Roy, a notable businessperson of the area. However, the hands of the clock tower have become static. You can also visit the mansion of Bipin Krishna. He is also credited for building a Shiv temple in the region.

Nearby attractions around Dasghara: You can arrange a trip to the Tarakeswar temple, located near Dasghara.

Things to do in Dasghara: Revitalize yourself by inhaling the unpolluted air while enjoying a nature walk along the village pathway. You will have enough time to explore the place and admire the several historical sites dotting the region.

How to reach Dasghara: You can board the Tarakeswar local that leaves from Howrah station. Buses are available from the Tarakeswar station to Dasghara. Dasghara is located at a distance of 70 km from Kolkata. So, you can also drive along the National Highway 6 and then turn left to locate the Dhaniakhali Connector to reach Dasghara.

Best time to visit Dasgara: You can visit Dasgara any time of the year.

Lodging and dining facilities in Dasghara: You will find hotels and eateries near the Tarakeswar bus stop, some of which are suitable for night stay. However, Dasghara is popular as a day trip destination.


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