The terracotta temples guarded by lush green thickets makes Dwarhatta peaceful and serene. Located 41 km from Kolkata, Darhatta is one of the villages in Haripal, in the West Bengal’s Hoogly district. With its terracotta temples, simple and neat tribal huts, Dwarhatta welcomes you to spend some hours in the calm ambience of its village. BOOK YOUR TRIP TO DWARHATTA

Places to see in Dwarhatta: The major attractions of this place are its terracotta temples. The Vishnu and three Shiv temples constructed by Singha Rai family, the zamindars of this place, are the most popular sights. One of the three temples is Rajrajeswari-Shiva terracotta temple, constructed by Pannalal Singha Rai. The walls of this temple are adorned with scenes from Ramayana, Indian mythology, and Radha- Krishna.

Though the temples of Shiva are in dire condition, they are being restored by the Archaeological Survey of India, who has acknowledged this as a heritage site. There is the temple of Dwarika Chandi, where a large fair and puja is organized every year. You can visit around this time to enjoy the festival.

Nearby attractions of Darhatta: You can visit the nearby main city of Chinsurah just 35 km away.

Things to do in Dwarhatta: Apart from sightseeing, you can watch huge varieties of birds in the village of Darhata. You can also watch the village market that opens weekly, is a spectacle in itself.

How to reach Dwarhatta: Darhata can be reached by availing any of the options stated below. Firstly, you can get on a bus from Kolkata, that will take you through Arambagh, Bankura, Bishnupur and finally stop at Gajar More, which is 6 km from Haripal in Hoogly. From Gajar more you have to turn left and travel a small distance of 1.5 km to reach the village of Darhata. Or you can also get on a bus from Howrah to directly reach Antpur, from where you go to Darhata.  If you want to go by railways, you can avail local train to take you to Tarakeshwar from Howrah. On the way you have to get down at Haripal and then take a trekker to Antpur. You can also hire a car from Kolkata to reach Haripal and Antpur.

Best time to visit Darhata: Since the place is sunny and hot all round the year; you can visit Darhata anytime in the year. In the summers, the green shade of the trees will protect you from the scorching rays of the sun.

Lodging and dining facilities at Dwarhatta: There are no lodging facilities in Darhata. It is apt for a day trip from Kolkata.


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