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Guptipara | Courtesy: asis k. chatt

A rural town in Chinsurah subdivision, Guptipara is famous for being the first place in West Bengal to start community Durga Puja. Located beside the Hooghly River, Guptipara is equally famous for gupo sandesh (variety of sandesh pieces) and makha sandesh (sandesh mixture) besides being the birth place of the famous singer Bhola Moira. But above all, it is the terracotta temples that are the biggest attractions of the place. The temples of Guptipara boasts of a completely different style of architecture like thatched hut-shaped structures with terracotta carvings, the unique aatchala temple with colorful paintings and the ekratna or single pinnacled temples. Beside, Guptipara was once famous for being the home to Vaishnava culture. BOOK YOUR TRIP TO GUPTIPARA

Places to see at Guptipara: The biggest attractions of Guptipara are the four Vaishnava temples of Brindabanchandra, Chaitanya, Krishnachandra and Ramchandra which offers great pieces of architecture.

Nearby attractions from Guptipara: Among the nearby attractions from Guptipara, you can visit Bandel, famous for Bandel church as well as Kalna town and Bansberia.

Things to do in Guptipara: The best thing that you can do while in Guptipara is sight-seeing of the four main Vaishnava temples. Plus, you can also take part in the different local celebrations like Rath Yatra, Ras, Bhandarloot and Dol. Rath Yatra is a grand affair in Guptipara with thousands of devotees taking part in the procession.

How to reach Guptipara: You can board the Howrah-Katwa local that takes some 1 hour and 45 minutes to reach Guptipara. Then, you have to take a rickshaw that will charge you some Rs 100 from the railway station to the temples. State Highway 6 would take you to Guptipara from Kolkata via Jirat.

Best time to visit Guptipara: You can visit Guptipara during anytime of the year.

Lodging and dining facilities at Guptipara: Guptipara is popular as a day trip destination. So, staying there is not necessary. However, Guptipara offers a good collection of places to eat.


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