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Bubahat Neelkuthi

Bubahat Neelkuthi

Bubahat Neelkuthi, the village resort set amidst the serene scenic landscape in the village interior is splendid in its own way. The charming ambience of this village resort offers a perfect weekend escape for the tourists from the hustle and bustle of the city. BOOK YOUR TRIP TO BUBAHAT NEELKUTHI

Places to see at Bubahat Neelkuthi: You will truly be amazed to see the wonderful collection of wide array of flowers and orchid that you can spot throughout the region. Explore the nearby villages, which are a walking distance from the resort site. Savor the spectacular sunrise near the village horizon. You can also visit the riverside of Ajoy and the highly famed Lakshmi Shayar lake.

Nearby attractions of Bubahat Neelkuthi: Bolpur, Shantiniketan, Durgapur, Deul and Bhalki Machan are some of the nearby attractions which you can visit within a couple of hours driving.

Things to do at Bubahat Neelkuthi: You can take a stroll through the Ilambazar forest. However, you may just want to relax, sit near the lake and speak your heart out with your friends.

How to reach Bubahat Neelkuthi: You can locate this village resort while driving from Bolpur to Ilambazar, covering a distance of 9 km. You can also drive from Panagarh to Shiuri and then cross Ilambazar and Bolpur to reach the Bonvilla bus stop. Bubahat Neelkuthi is few steps from the bus stop.

Best time to visit Bubahat Neelkuthi: This village resort at Bubahat Neelkuthi welcomes tourist throughout the year.

Lodging facilities at Bubahat Neelkuthi: Nice accommodation facilities are offered by the two storied bungalow admired with earthen wall and tiled roof. The interior of the bungalows are well furnished offering nice, clean comfort beds to sleep. It will be a unique experience for the city people to live in such a village atmosphere. However, you will be relaxed to find the bathrooms providing modern amenities. Still now, there are four rooms in the bungalows, which are expected to increase in future.

Dining: There is an arrangement of an elaborate dining in the Bubahat Neelkuthi, which will really offer you a grand treat.


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