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Rolling hills covered in thick forests, distant calls of wild elephants, the sky-kissing Sal trees and the talkative Palpala River would greet you at Lulung. Located 300 m above sea level in the eastern fringes of Simlipal Tiger Reserve, the small village of Lulung is only 20 kilometres from Baripada in Orissa. Spending a few nights in the cottages of Lulung amidst sparkling waterfalls, snaking rivers, frolicking deer and dancing peacocks would rejuvenate you with a renewed life-force.  BOOKING DETAILS OF LULUNG

Places to see in Lulung: Besides exploring the surrounding jungle and the Palpala River, you can visit the tribal villages situated at a small distance from Lulung. At Kalipahar, just 3 kms from Lulung you would discover a milky white waterfall. You can take long nature walks within the Simlipal Forest in the surrounding area of Lulung Bungalow.

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Nearby attractions of Lulung: You can explore the Simlipal Forest and visit the beautiful 399 m high Barehipani waterfall and 150 m high Joranda Waterfall. From Lulung, you would also get a good view of surrounding peaks like the 1158 m high Meghasani peak and 1178 m high Khairiburu peak. Besides Palpala River, other rivers like Khairi, Budhabalanga and Salandi meander throughout the forest.

Barehpani Waterfall

Barehpani Waterfall

You can also visit prehistoric sites of Kuchai (famous for remains of Neolithic age) just 28 kms away, Kulaiana (famous for remains of Paleolithic age) just 38 kms away. Other attractions like Sulaipat Dam (60 kms away), Deokund Waterfalls and Bangriposhi (40 kms) can also be visited from this place. Those who are in love with reptiles can visit the crocodile rearing centre located at Ramtirtha, near Jashipur. The nearby district headquarters of Baripada also has a few attraction like Jagannath Temple and Ambika Temple.

Palpala River

Palpala River near Lulung

Things to do in Lulung: You can opt for hiking in the forest area of Similipal and explore wildlife, including elephants, deer and even predators like leopards and tigers. You can also opt for picnics on the banks of the Palpala River enjoying the beauty of the flowing crystal clear water and the surrounding forests. Birdwatchers would have a gala time in the surrounding areas of this destination.

How to reach Lulung: From Kolkata, you can avail the option of trains to reach Baripada, the nearest rail-head to Lulung. From there, you can avail the option of State run buses, cars or taxis to reach the place. You can also reach Balasore by train and catch a taxi or bus to Lulung.

Best time to visit Lulung: You can visit Lulung any time of the year but the best time to visit Lulung is during the months of November to June.

Lulung Cottage

Accommodation in Lulung

Lodging and dining facilities in Lulung: At Lulung, you can stay in some beautiful Forest Cottages in sync with the nature surrounding it. Each cottage has a balcony attached to it facing the surrounding hills and the vast expanse of forest. The entire Tourist Complex is landscaped with nice lawns, gardens and fruit trees. There is also a lounge and a dining hall with all necessary facilities. Eco friendly solar power keeps these cottages and surrounding areas alive throughout the night. Excellent dining facilities are provided in these Forest cottages.

Photographs by Abhijit Das, Shishir Pandey, bubaiiii, iambiplav, Pankaj Sekhsaria


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