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Tumboni Moluti temple

Tumbani is another great place for spending the weekend, located in the border area of Jharkhand, near Rampurhat. This place is the perfect place to see some natural beauties with red soil merging with the abundant greenery over it. You will find yourself in a picture perfect setting with the Narayanpur Brahmani River at one side, Patalpahari village of Jharkhand and the Kalipahar forest on the other sides. And in the middle is the beautiful small Tumbani (Tumboni), flanked by forest resorts. BOOKING DETAILS OF TUMBANI

Nearby attractions at Tumbani: You can visit the holy place of Moluti, which is although located in a different state, is quite nearby.

Things to do at Tumbani: Enjoy the serene tranquility of a rural place with red soil and plenty of greenery. The perfect ambience of Tumbani located in the middle with the Kalipahar forest, Patalpahari village of Jharkhand and the Narayanpur Brahmani River surrounding it gives you the perfect setting for relaxation. You can also take a stroll along the banks of the river.

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How to reach Tumbani: You can either board Ganadevta Express from Howrah or Kanchanjanga Express from Sealdah to reach Rampurhat. From Rampurhat, you need to travel some 10 kilometers by the road to Dumka.

Best time to visit Tumbani: Throughout the year.

Lodging & dining facilities at Tumbani: You can avail the two bed-roomed forest bunglow. Dining facilities are offered in the forest bunglow.


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