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If you truly want to savor virgin scenic beauty, Gahunbari with its picturesque natural backdrop, will offer you that immense scope. Nestled in the Dooars region of North Bengal, Gahunbari locally known as Gaobari is located close to the border of Bhutan and Sikkim near the Bindu – Jhalong area. You can catch a majestic glimpse of the splendid Mt Kanchenjunga, while making your trip to the destination by car from Siliguri. The view of the foothills of the Himalaya found in the horizon is amazing. While driving along the winding roadway, the emerald green tea garden on both sides of the road will also catch your eyesight. BOOK YOUR TRIP TO GAHUNBARI

Places to see in Gahunbari: Your sightseeing of Gahunbari will start before reaching the destination. The trip to the location will take you through the forests of Chapramari and Gorumara. The amazing natural surrounding of the place will offer you the zeal of exploring the destination. You can stop at the picturesque Murti River and then drive towards the Jhalong district.

After reaching the destination, set for a tour to the nearby tourist destination of Bindu, a border town located between Bhutan and India. Bindu is popular for a dam across the Jaldhaka River. The amazing view of Jaldhaka is truly rewarding. Another major tourist attraction of the place is View Point, offering a panoramic view of the Dooars. Savor the view of the extensive stretch of dense forest and forested hills, available from the View Point. The forest is shrouded with fine mist and the river meanders through the natural greenery, offering a spectacular view. The sheer tranquility and the splendid natural beauty of the place serve truly as a serene retreat for the city dwellers.

Nearby attractions around Gahunbari: If you want to explore further afield, enter the Dooars region. From there you can get an easy access to Malbazar, which is an hours drive. Travel for another 7 km. to reach Khoonia More. The forest of Chapramari starts from this region, the journey through which is truly exciting. On the way you will also cross Gainbas. Another stop in the journey is at Paren, from where Bindu lies at a distance of 6 km.

Things to do in Gahunbari: You can take a tour on foot along the dam built across the Jaldhaka River. You can also explore the forest of Chapramari in-group. Take the fresh unpolluted air of the pristine location. You can also experience a chill breeze blowing directly from the direction of the ice-covered Tsomgo Lake in Sikkim. However, this is not a very common phenomenon.

How to reach Gahunbari: In order to reach Gahunbari, you need to avail a train to New Jalpaiguri, take a flight to Bagdogra or am overnight bus to Siliguri. Then hire a car to reach your destination. Gahunbari is located 101 km. from the New Jalpaiguri station, by road.

Best time to visit Gahunbari: Gahunbari attracts tourists round the year. Since the road leading to the destination is spotted with forest and hills, it is better to avoid the rainy season.

Lodging and dining facilities in Gahunbari: Decent accommodations are provided by the resort and hotels of Gahunbari. The place also has some cottages and proper dining facilities are offered at these staying places. However, there is no electricity at Gahunbari and the powers are supplied to the hotels and resorts from generators.


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