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Kolakham, Neora Valley National Park


Kolakham is an ideal destination for tourists nursing an adventurous bent of mind. Nestled beside the Neora Valley National Park around 108 km from Siliguri, this charming location offers majestic views of Mt. Kanchenjunga. Located just 8 kilometers from Lava the village of Kolakham is perched on a hill 6100 feet high overlooking the mighty Eastern Himalayas. Wildlife is in abundance here and you can take nature walks and short treks all around Kolakham. All attractions around Lava can also be reached from Kolakham like Changer Waterfalls, Lava Monastery, Loleygaon, Rishop and Charkol. BOOKING DETAILS OF KOLAKHAM

Places to see in Kolakham: From Kolakham, you can get a view of Mt. Kanchenjungha with its allies like Mt. Pandim, Mt. Kabru and others touching the sky. Kolakham is a tiny village amidst the abundance of nature with a panoramic view of the Eastern Himalayas upto the Nathu La Pass.

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Nearby attractions of Kolakham: You can visit nearby Lava, Lolegaon and Rishop from Kolakham. These hill stations are not very far from Kolakham and boast their exotic natural surrounding, offering spectacular view of the Eastern Himalayan peaks. You can take a day trip to Lava Monastery, Changer Waterfalls, Charkol village, Tea gardens, Choudapheri or the Hanging Bridge at Loleygaon.

Around Kolakham

Things to do in Kolakham: Kolakham offers an array of activities like rock climbing, trekking and rope traversing to make your stay more interesting. You can also enjoy village walks or nature trails along the picturesque landscape of the region. Experience an exciting jungle camp at Neora Valley national Park, which boasts of its amazing biodiversity of endangered species of plants, animals and birds. You can also explore the forests surrounding Kolakham and hike over the rocks to savor the view of a splendid waterfall.


How to reach Kolakham: Avail trains running to New Jalpaiguri station from where you can hire direct cars to Kolakham. You can also take flight to Bagdogra Airport, from where rented cars are available to Kolakham via Kalimpong and Dam Dim.

Best time to visit Kolakham: You can visit Kolakham any time of the year but winters give you the best chances of viewing Mt. Kanchenjungha and the mesmerizing sunrises above it.

Lodging and dining facilities in Kolakham: The accommodation option in Kolakham is very limited but they are  facilitated by electricity and hot water in bathrooms. The Kolakham accommodations fall within our Preferred Property, so you can avail discounts if you book it through us. We have three separate accommodation options in three different locations of Kolakaham. Their details are:


Standard room, Kolakham

Standard room, Kolakham

Standard rooms at Kolakham: There are 04 Standard Double Bedrooms built completely in wood within one building. All 04 rooms in this building have a common verandah facing Mt. Kanchenjungha. All rooms come with attached Western Bathrooms, hot water geysers, nice comfortable clean beds and some basic furniture. The dining hall is in the ground floor and you would relish some real good home-cooked food here.



Deluxe room, Kolakham

Deluxe room, Kolakham

Deluxe rooms at Kolakham: There are 03 Deluxe category Double Bedrooms within one building completely made of wood. The wooden rooms give the necessary local touch and makes your stay more interesting. All rooms have Mt. Kanchenjungha view and standard facilities like Western Bathrooms, hot water, nice comfortable clean beds and some sitting arrangements and furniture. Food served is essentially home cooked Indian cuisine.



Kolakham Eco Hut

Luxury duplex and attic rooms at Kolakham: Two luxury rooms in the ground floor and two luxury attic rooms on the first floor within a grand pinewood cottage overlooking Mt. Kanchenjungha from the highest point of the village. The only duplex accommodation in Kolakham with a lawn and a garden. A separate dining hall with a panoramic view of the surrounding jungles and mountains and verandahs opening up to the snow peaks makes this new luxury pinewood cottage, one of the best accommodation options in Kolakham. All rooms have Mt. Kanchenjungha view and standard facilities like Western Bathrooms, hot water geysers, couches in rooms and extra large beds. The stairs within the top floor rooms would take you to the cosy attic space decked with low sitting arrangements.

Photographs by Trisha Sengupta and others.


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