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Located just 15 kms from Alipurduar, Rajabhatkhawa is the gateway to the famous Buxa Tiger Reserve. Surrounded by emerald green forest and hills this scenic hamlet is an idyllic spot for experiencing green darkness. Serving as an entry point to nearby forests, this little town is bounded by rivers like Raidak and Jayanti. Numerous nature trails originate from Rajabhatkhawa and pass through dense forested areas in and around Buxa Tiger reserve. Bird watching, jungle safari, trekking and wildlife watching are the main activities here. Rajabhatkhawa and its surrounding areas are also home to various migratory birds. The Nature Interpretation Centre at Rajabhatkhawa with its museum of wildlife related exhibits is very impressive too. BOOKING DETAILS OF RAJABHATKHAWA

Places to see in Rajabhatkhawa: Rajabhatkhawa is a great place for enjoying a relaxed vacation. The nearest sightseeing destination is the famous Buxa Tiger Reserve, which is famous for its ruined Fort, wild elephants, leopards, tigers, bisons and a host of wild animals. All required entry permits to this Buxa Tiger Reserve are issued from Rajabhatkhawa Nature Interpretation Centre. There are a number of trekking trails through the Buxa forest, which offer hikers the chance to savor a glimpse of animals in their natural habitat. Spanning an area of 759 sq km, the Buxa Tiger Reserve is admired with hilly landscape crisscrossed by several rivers and their tributaries. The Buxa Fort is located at an altitude of 867 meters on the Sinchula Range in the middle of the reserve forest.

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Around Raja Bhat Khawa

Nearby attractions of Rajabhatkhawa: In order to reach Buxa Fort, you have to trek around 5 kms from Santrabari. The Buxa Fort located at an altitude of 2600 ft has a huge historical importance because it as used by the British to confine freedom fighters – even Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose is said to have spent some days here. The sacred temple of Mahakal is also located nearby. The riverbed of Jayanti and the dense forests of Chilapata is also located nearby. The beautiful forested area of Jayanti with the meandering Jayanti River and its endless white pebble laden banks is a grand site. You can also visit the nearby Chilapata Forest or the famous Pokhri, which is visited by thousands of devotees. You can also visit nearby Cooch Behar town for a visit to the Cooch Behar Palace.


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Raja Bhatkhawa museum

Things to do in Rajabhatkhawa: Rahabhatkhawa is enriched with plenty of sight seeing destinations. Surrounded by thick forest, the place is a storehouse of flora and fauna. Wildlife safaris, bird watching and trekking are the prime activities of the tourists visiting the destination. The region is admired with a number of beautiful trekking trails, most of which pass through the Buxa Forest. The most popular trek initiates from Santlabari (914 ft) to Buxadar, which is a 5 km trek through the dense forested area lead to the Buxadar Forest Bungalow. The bungalow provides accommodation facility to the trekkers. If you trek for another 4 km through the forest trail, you will reach the Rover’s Point – famous as a birdwatching destination.

Another 12 km trek from this point will take you to the picturesque Rupam Valley in Bhutan. The journey through this trekking trail is quite adventurous and full of excitement. Nearby Jayanti is a beautiful place where tourists can relax and rejuvenate enjoying the cool breeze by the riverside. Buxadar to Jayanti trek is another very popular trekking trail of the region. This 13 km trail passes through the thick forest of Buxa Tiger Reserve. This journey will lead you at an ancient stalactite cave of Jayanti, popularly known as the Mahakal Cave. You can also make trips to the neighboring places of Rajabhatkhawa like Chilapata, Alipurduar and Jalpaiguri.

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Rajabhatkhawa Station

How to reach Rajabhatkhawa: Rajabhatkhawa is 115 km from New Jalpaiguri. Taxis and private vehicles are available from New Jalpaiguri to Rajabhatkhawa. However, the nearest major railhead to Rajabhatkhawa is Alipurduar just 15 kms away. You would get rented taxis from Alipurduar to Rajabhatkhawa. Buses are also available but they are not much regular.


Best time to visit Rajabhatkhawa: Winter is the most important time to travel to Rajabhatkhawa. It is better to avoid the monsoon months as the region experiences high rainfall along with increase in humidity level. Moreover, the forests remain closed from 15th June to 15th September ever year.

Rajabhatkhawa accommodation

Lodging and dining facilities in Rajabhatkhawa: Our hotel in Rajabhatkhawa is surrounded by greenery. It offers all standard facilities in its nicely spread out Double Bedrooms with attached bathrooms. The staff also helps the guests in arranging the entry permits to the forests and cars. The hotel also serves excellent Bengali cuisine to its guests.



Photographs by Anirban Ash, Saptarshidaw, Ranen Dutta, Samrat.


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