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Tumling | Courtesy: AsianInsights

The small village of Tumling located on the renowned Sandakphu – Maneybhanjan trek route offers magnificent views of Mt. Kanchenjunga. It actually lies in Nepal at a 35 minutes walking distance from Meghma – a small distance from Darjeeling. The population of this place mostly comprises of Gurung families. The nearby trek to Singalila National Park from Tumling can give you glimpses of rare animals like Red Pandas. A trek to 6 kms long trek to Dhotrey from Tumling would take you through a forest of blooming rhododendron flowers. BOOKING DETAILS OF TUMLING

Places to see in Tumling: Tumling offers magnificent view of the distant Mount Kanchenjunga. On a clear night, Tumling offers views of beautifully-lit places like Kurseong, Siliguri, Darjeeling, Pasupati and other settlements. A trek to Dhotrey can also be availed from Tumling and the length of the trek route is some 6 kilometers. The trek is availed through the forests of blooming rhododendron flowers.

Nearby attractions of Tumling: From Tumling, you can avail a trek to the Singalila National Park, the route of which passes through the Indo-Nepal border. Apart from a wide variety of flora, the place is renowned for being home to various kinds of animals like Red Pandas and birds.

You can opt for a trek to Meghma. Meghma can be reached by crossing Chitre, the Buddhist settlement. At Meghma, the trail bifurcates and the left-side trail passes through Nepal and the right-side trail leads to Tumling or Tonglu in India. Tonglu is situated at an elevation of 3070m and has a few trekker huts. At Tumling, in Nepal, the trails meet again.

Things to do in Tumling: You can enjoy the enchanting beauty of the place by opting for sightseeing and exploring the place. You can see the beautiful sunrise that makes the peak of Mt. Kanchenjunga golden or you can trek ahead to reach Sandakphu.

How to reach Tumling: From Kolkata, you can avail a number of trains and buses in order to reach New Jalpaiguri. From New Jalpaiguri you have to take a hired car to Maneybhanjan . It is advisable to book a car in advance, especially in the peak tourist season, if you are planning to drive to Dhotre or Maneybhanjan from New Jalpaiguri. From Manebhanjan, Tumling can be reached by means of the old Landrover, the only available means of transportation.

Best time to visit Tumling: The best time to visit Tumling is during the summer season, when tourists can enjoy the majestic sights of the place in a comfortable weather.

Lodging and dining facilities in Tumling: A number of private home stays and guesthouses are situated in Tumling that also provide dining facilities.


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