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If you are looking for a serene holiday location to enjoy your lazy weekend, Frazergunj will be the ideal destination for you. Frazergunj is a part of a pristine white beach, stretching for 7 km located on one of the Ganges deltaic island admiring the south of Bengal. It is a pulsating fishing village adorned with muddy and undulating beach. Morover, Frazergunj is a prime hub of Pisiculture in the country. However, the scenic beauty of the region, situated at one corner of Sunderban is truly admirable. Frazergunj is also considered an ideal site for the avid bird watchers. BOOK YOUR TRIP TO FRAZERGUNJ

Places to see in Frazergunj: The unexploited pristine beach of Frazergunj, renowned for its whitish silver sand is the major attraction of the tourists. The truant red crabs running to and fro, offer a grand sight at the beach. Beside this, you will find a number of windmills bodering the beach. Nearby attractions like Bakklhali, Jambudeep, Henry’s Island and temple of Banabibi, is located within a radius of about 5 km from Frazergunj. You can hire a cycle-van to Bakkhali, located around 3 km from Frazergunj. The crocodile-breeding centre of Bakkhali is worth visiting, which provides shelter to six crocodiles and a number of deer. The place is also inhabited by some stray groups of monkeys. If you move a little further along the coastline, you can locate a colossal deserted buoy. The beach of Bakkhali is bordered by casuarina groves, leading to the temple of Banabibi, a locally worshiped idol.

Nearby attractions around Frazerganj: You can also enjoy a boatride to Jambudeep, a serene island, which is the refuge of the local fishermen. A trip to this place during monsoon is truly adventurous. Do not miss the spectacular sunrise behind the windmills.  Henry’s Island which is around 20 mins from Frazerganj by Cycle Van Rickshaws is a newly developed tourist spot with a pristine beach bordered by mangroves. It has earned fame due to its good bird watching possibilities.

Things to do in Frazergunj: Frazergunj is an ideal site for the avid bird watchers. You can see an array of colorful migratory birds, which include, gulls, terns, Chestnut-winged Cuckoo, Sea Eagles, Black-capped and Collared Kingfishers and Hobby. Take a stroll along the beach to the embankment, where you can pass quality time by sitting for hours, savoring the view of the fishing boats passing by.

How to reach Frazergunj: You can avail the direct buses to Bakkhali that are available from Esplanade in Kolkata. From Bakkhali, you can reach Frazergunj by hiring a cycle van. Some tourists also hire cars directly from Kolkata to reach Frazergunj. If you prefer trains, then catch a train to Namkhana from Sealdah and cross the Hatania Doania River on a boat and take a bus from the other side of the river to reach Bakkhali.

Best time to visit Frazergunj: The ideal time of visiting the destination is the period between July and March.

Lodging and dining facilities in Frazergunj: The numbers of hotels are limited at Frazergunj. However, decent accommodation and dining facilities are offered by these hotels. You can also stay at nearby Bakkhali which has more accommodation options.


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