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Sagardwip - Kapil Temple

Sagardwip is highly famed as a major Hindu holy site, where millions of pilgrims assemble from nook and corner of India every year for taking the holy dip in the Sagar (the large water body). However, apart from this, the place is still not much recognized as a tourist destination, though Sagardwip features an array of tourist resources and you will not be disappointed while visiting the site, to enjoy a weekend tour.  BOOK YOUR TRIP TO SAGARDWIP

Places to see near Sagardwip: The remaining of the destroyed lighthouse is a major sight-seeing site in Sagardwip.

Nearby attractions: Kapil Temple, Bharat Sevashram Sangha temple and Kachuberia on the other side of the river.

Things to do at Sagardwip: Visit the temples or explore the calm and serene beach of Sagardwip, which experience a major footfall of tourists mainly during the famous Gangasagar mela but otherwise remain fairly isolated in the rest of the year. You will be truly amazed by savoring the sight of the flocks of different species of birds. You can just also relax on the beach, witnessing the silent passing of the ships.

How to reach Sagardwip: Sagardwip is not very far from Kolkata and lies only 135 km away. Drive through the Diamond Harbor road to reach the Harwood point, no. 8 Lot Ghat. From there by crossing over a barge, reach Kochuberia on the other side. Then again drive for another 30 kms to reach Sagardwip.

Best time to visit Sagardwip: You can visit Sagardwip at any time of the year. If you want to see the Sagar Mela then visit the place during the mid week of January.

Lodging & dining facilities at Sagardwip: Off late, village tourism has been developed by a joint effort offering decent accommodation facilities. Moreover, you will also spot a number of guesthouses in the area. Fairly good dining facilities are available in most of the guest house.


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