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Very near to Bishnupur town is the man-made eco sanctuary named Chechuria Eco Park. With a huge waterbody, picnic spot, lots of playing ground for children and boating facilities, this beautiful eco sanctuary was very recently created by the forest department and it offers great escapes to tired souls. As you walk through the park, you will find a completely different environment with birds chirping and plenty of greenery. Treat your lungs with some fresh air filled with chlorophyll, away from the polluted surrounding of the cities. Spend the night in the forest bungalow and enjoy some local delicacies at eateries by the natives. BOOK YOUR TRIP TO CHECHURIA

Places to see at Chechuria: The eco-sanctuary itself is a great place to see so many natural aspects.

Nearby attractions of Chenchuria: If you want you can take a trip to the town of Bishnupur and enjoy some great attractions there.

Things to do at Chechuria: You can enjoy some get together or a picnic in the picnic spot of the eco sanctuary. Plus, you can opt for boating in the huge water body or take a stroll inside the sanctuary and enjoy the unspoiled beauty of nature as well as fresh, pollution-free air.

How to reach Chechuria: From Bishnupur, Chechuria eco sanctuary is only 19 kilometers. If you don’t have a car with you, you can avail a trekker or an auto or hire a car from Bishnupur.

Best time to visit Chechuria: Throughout the year.

Lodging & Dining facilities at Chechuria: You can put up at the forest bungalow. Stay in the forest bungalow and enjoy some delicacies at eateries arranged by local people.


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