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Photo Contest

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24-Sep-2011 (Midnight)
Total votes received:
Shortlisted Photos (Link on FaceBook)

Voting Result (Link on Facebook)


Maximum votes received: Photo 8 by Kewal Somani (273 votes)

Second highest votes received: Photo 1 by Aritra Bose (144 votes)

(Votes considered till midnight 24-Sep-2011)

On behalf of Weekend Destinations we like to thank all Participants and Viewers for making this Photo Contest an interesting and successful event.

Participants with the “highest” and “second highest” votes will receive Gift Hampers from Weekend Destinations soon. All other images we received will be a part of our website www.weekenddestinations.info

Our heartiest thanks extend to all but we want to take this special opportunity to appreciate the gesture of Participant Mr. Somnath Khaskel (Photo 10). Out of all the 10 shortlisted Participants, Mr. Somnath Khaskel was the only one to NOT vote for his own photograph. We welcome such a neutral voting and like to acknowledge his gesture with a small token of appreciation. He would also receive a Gift hamper from Weekend Destinations.

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